Toxic Friends

It is so hard to break a friendship when you have been friends with someone for so long, but I realized that if I did not get away from the “friends”  I spoke about earlier that I would either get into so much trouble or completely self destruct from being around them and falling into the traps that they did, especially the one girl.  She got really messed up in drugs since we have graduated and is now having seizure problems from my understanding, and you know I feel horrible that I really don’t have much, none really, sympathy for her.  I just got to the point so many years ago that she never cared about me or my feelings and I just cut myself off.  It is so hard but no one said life was easy did they……………. and it really sucks.


Right or Wrong Friends

How do you know if you have chosen the right friends and when to make a decision on whether or not to stay in the friendship?  It is so hard if you ever have to come to a point in your life that you have to make that choice.  When you have known and been through so much with someone it is hard to let them go but if they become “toxic”  what do you do?  I have a person I have known since kindergarten (I am almost 30 now) and we were friends all the way through school and even some after, but she has another friend who is just self-centered, stuck-up, in to drugs, spreads rumors, all kinds of other things.  It was hard but I had to make the decision that if the person I had known all my life was even speaking to this other person I could not have her in my life in any way.  But that was just me and my decision.   Anyone else…………………..

New subject

You know, it is funny, I am not a person to really discuss politics but lately that is all I can seem to think to blog about…………….anyone have anything?  Something fun…………………stupid policies at our jobs?  Unintelligent people that are funny? Or do we want to stay with politics?   I am open…………………………..

Last post on this subject

I see exactly what you are saying, I of all people are about free will.  I am VERY headstrong and VERY VOCAL.  I unfortunately am not able to control my actions sometimes and not able to make good decisions, especially when I am having an “episode”.  I have also made the decision, on my own, to take meds to control my illness.  I worked in pharmacy for 5 years, and am finishing a degree in Medical Assisting.  So I made my decision with lots of info and people I totally trusted.  I told my MD that I realized I needed to take medication the rest of my life but I also do not think that a pill should be used for every little thing.  I also go to therapy, do yoga, swim and am starting to get into tai chi.  Medication alone is NEVER enough.  I just feel someone who saw what was going on should take some responsibility for what happened to those kids.  I agree with what you said about her making her own decisions, I just wonder how capable she was and those poor children had no choice in the matter.  Keep the comments coming, I love it!!!!

Next to last post on this subject

Last person I will discuss is Andrea Yates.  When her story first broke I was one of the main people calling for her death, then the whole story came out.  They had 4 children.  After the last child she began to completely fall apart mentally, her husband knew this.  They went to a MD and they put her on medication and told them NOT TO HAVE ANY MORE CHILDREN.  In an interview, Rusty Yates said they decided to stop the medication and have another child.  I truly believe this woman should never draw another breath as a free woman, but I also think her husband is at fault just as much, if not more than her.  She was not capable of making any decision as to her medication or having another baby.  He was so worried after their 5th child he had his mother come and stay with her and the children while he was at work.  He should have made the decision to listen to the doctors and not just think about proving his fertility.  This man works for NASA, he is not stupid.  As someone who suffers from bipolar disorder, my husband has taken over and makes decisions when I am not able.  Rusty Yates should take a lesson from him.

continuation of my last thought…

From my last comment, I do see what you are saying, I totally agree.  Then there are people like Susan Smith who killed her kids because her boyfriend did not want them, but they had a father who did want them.  She wanted everyone to feel sorry for her so she lied on tv and then after she confessed she still wanted sympathy.  Then she had another child in prison with a prison guard……………Sorry to keep on about this, have lots of thoughts and just need to vent at the outrage………………………..

What is up with parents who kill their kids!!??

What may I ask, is the deal with all these parents ( I am using that term loosely) that you hear in the news about killing their kids?  I just do not understand how you can look in a child’s face, your child’s face at that and harm them.  I just don’t get it.  Anyone………….

Intro to my world

Just a crazy girl with lots of thoughts bouncing in my head.  Want to see other people’ s points of view, no arguing please, some may be controversial but just thoughts….Enjoy, respond, don’t go off……….whatever

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